Finley Boers

Finley Boers It's Unanimous

This guy has been a stand out since the day he was born. We love his balance, huge hips, width from front to back, and his easy going demeanor. We kept all of his daughters from his first crop and will be using them in our breeding pen and our show string.
Co owned with Rue Ranch

Fullblood Buck

Birthdate: November 26, 2016

Pedigree Ennoblements: 10

Teat Structure: 1x1

Show Points:101

DNA Tested: Yes

Straws: $100

                                       C S B Broken S Smokin Hot Ruger *Ennobled

                                        Newton Farms Smokin Express *Ennobled

                                                             2M Boer Goats Molly *Ennobled

           ADVBG Unanimous Decision

                                                            ADVBG Get-A-Grip*Ennobled

                                       ADVBG Angel's Mist *Ennobled

                                                            ADVBG Itsa-Pacosso *Ennobled

Finley Boers It's Unanimous

                                                            HC Fix It's Flash Drive*Ennobled

                                           CBW Power Drive *Ennobled

                                                            EGGS X073

        Newton Farms My Heart Beats 4 U

                                                              AABG NBD Square One *Ennobled

                                           KDCL Kimberleana

                                                             2M Boer Goats Oxana *Ennobled