Finley Boers

 MVP Bo Jangles Out On Parole

2010 Kindred Spirits

Overall Grand Champion FB Buck

This big sweet boy was the one that got us hooked on showing. We saw him as a baby at the 2009 Red Rose Classic sale and knew we had to have him. He was long, wide, and packed with muscle. "Parole" had shown explosive growth and was very heavy boned. His sire was the 2006 National Champion Bo Jangle.



Fullblood Buck

Born: February 2009              

Pedigree Ennoblements: 11

Semen Straws- $65 ea/ $500 for 10 straws

                    Ryals Topbrass *Ennobled*

                                            Agnew's Bo Howdy *Ennobled*

                                                                     EGGS Macey *Ennobled*

                DCW Bo Jangle *Ennobled*

                                                                      EGGSonerate *Ennobled*

                                           DCW Lexus *Ennobled*

                                                                       Hart P72 *Ennobled*

  MVP Bo Jangles Out On Parole

                                                                        RRD Gauge *Ennobled*

                                           JKGSGR Gauge's Survivor *Ennobled*

                                                                         JKG S14 Bingo Gal *Ennobled*

                 RS1B Allie

                                                                         Circle R CODI Big Dog *Ennobled*

                                            CODI Allie

                                                                          5CG Bo's Chyna


Show Record:

2010 Southern Explosion 1- Reserve Yearling FB Buck

2010 Southern Explosion 2- Reserve Yearling FB Buck

2010 Walton Cty GA- Reserve Yearling FB Buck

2010 Kindred Spirits- Overall Champion FB Buck

2010 National Peanut Festival- Reserve Yearling FB Buck


Sire: DCW Bo Jangle


Dam: RS1B Allie